Our first project, monitair, involves the collection of detailed data on air quality in the Hull urban area using emerging low cost IoT technologies. The goal is to collect air quality data from at least 100 devices installed around the city, and to make this data available to the public through an open database and website. We intend to provide this information to help citizens make choices around their lifestyle including their own contribution to pollution. Our aim is to improve both the environment and health of people living and working in the city area.

Connected Humber is working to improve the lives of the people who live, visit and work within the City using IoT - we believe this is the essence of Smart Cities. Air quality is the first of what is hoped will be several major initiatives.

What are the Health Concerns?

The respiratory disease COPD causes 30,000 deaths a year in the UK - that works out as around 160 per year in Hull. It is known that small particles in the air can cause damage to the lungs and that poor air quality is a factor in the level of COPD. Asthma and COPD are the two most common lung diseases and the prevalence of childhood asthma in the UK is amongst the highest in the world.

How Will This Work?

We have designed a low cost air quality sensor and would like to see at least 100 of these installed in our area. These will measure the level of particles in the air every 15 minutes and send the data to a central point. The data from all the devices will be stored and available to anyone to analyse (Open Data). A website will be provided to make this easy for everyone to view. A sensor device will cost less than £75 and will be available as a kit, or you can come along to a workshop where groups will build them together. We are looking for sponsors to bring the cost down further.